Jitney Value Forklift LPG

This is a no non-sense 5000 lb, no frills, get the job done Forklift!

Jitney Economy LPG Diesel

Here are 4 hard working forklifts in 5000 lb or 6000 lb capacities with either LPG or Diesel power.

Warehouse Handling Equipment – Walkie

Ecconolift warehouse equipment; built to move your goods around effortlessly.

Warehouse Handling Equipment – Ride On

Ecconolift warehouse equipment; making it easier on your body, and your pocketbook!

Why Buy A Jitney…

Options for the Economy models are:

  1. Solid Pneumatic Tires          
  2. Side Shift

Features that both the Value & Economy Jitney’s have:

  • Comprehensive 1-Year or 2000-Hour Warranty*
  • Heavy Duty Overhead Guard
  • 4 Core Aluminum Radiator
  • Eaton Yale Steering
  • Gates Hoses
  • Swing Out & Swing Down Propane Bracket
  • Rear Backup Handle with integrated Horn
  • Rubber Boots on the Tilt Cylinders


A No Nonsense Forklift!

If you want a hard working, no frills forklift, buy a Jitney!

Jitney 5000 lb Value forklift

The Jitney JTG25V has a 2.1 L Nissan industrial LPG / Gas engine, a 2 stage mast with 167″ lift height, Air Tires,  and either 42″ or 48″ forks.

Jitney 5000 – 6000 lb Economy Series Forklift

These tough Economy model Jitney’s are either powered by a Nissan 2.5 L dual fuel (LPG / Gas) industrial engine (JTG25 – JTG30), or a 1.9 L Kohler Diesel

(JTD25 – JTD30).  They have a three stage mast with a 191″ lift height, either 42″ or 48″ forks, and Air Tires.

Electric Pallet Jacks

Our Walkies and Ride On pallet jacks help get your jobs done faster, easier and safer!

The Electric Walkie has a 3300 lb lift capacity, an 8″ lift height, built in charger, turtle function for those precise movements, and an emergency belly stop!  (Wish they had those on hockey sticks).

The Electric Ride On helps you move heavy loads (up to 4400 lbs) further & easier.  It has the same features as the walkie, but you can lift more and walk less!


Do you want MORE Choices, MORE Options?


Then click on the TITAN FORKLIFTS® link below.

About Jitney

Who – What – Why – Where

Jitney Forklifts® and it’s big brother Titan Forklifts®, were founded based on desire to build a better forklift for both forklift drivers, and forklift mechanics!

In 2014 Jitney Forklifts® and Titan Forklifts® were born. They are engineered and designed in South Western Ontario; sourcing the best parts from around the world and then have them assembled into one tough, reliable, quality machine!  Being a young company Jitney and Titan needed to stand out from its competitors. To do this we designed and added features that are industry firsts such as:  boots on the tilt cylinders,  swing out–swing down LPG bracket, and a protection plate on the lower mast (to shield the hydraulic hoses from damage) to name a few.  These may seem like small additions, but they keep the machine and driver from unwanted repairs and downtime. 

 Jitney Forklifts® and Titan Forklifts® started sales in Southwestern Ontario and have sold and shipped across Canada.  The reason we are growing is not only because of our unique products (see the features above), it’s the people that believe in these products!

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